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Bear Device is a portable system of property intruder classification. It is a gadget with special software that is designed to discover and to inform about any possible hazards for property and security of an estate such as farm, backyard, plant area etc.


Simple interface of the Bear Device could be installed as an application to the PC or smartphone and ensure security.


User can add security kit into his security ecosystem as independent part or we can help to customize and build in the Device into entire system.


As a DIY kit Bear Device is easy to install and to use. It contains three sensors, one main processing unit and interface. Sensors could be installed manually everywhere in the secure line or inside the area.

We offer cutting edge technology packed in one simple product that can be integrated in existing home security systems as a solid addition which increases flexibility and reliability of the entire system.


BEAR DEVICE is user-friendly device designed for: 


  • Simple installation

  • Cheap maintenance, price cheaper than competitors 

  • Easy integration with existing home security systems

  • High accuracy alerts – 97%

  • Complex solutions for perimeter security and surveillance

  • Wide usage (Smart home, internet of things, property security or farm management system)

  • Customization of the technology for the security needs of plants, power stations and other infrastructure objects

BEAR GRID AI solution packed in user-friendly interface that could be easily integrated with those that already in use. 


Our seismic classification security system was developed for home, backyard, farm and residence appliance and showed high efficiency predicting hazards and decreasing number of false alerts. AI interface can be used for any outdoor areas requiring quality 24/7 surveillance.

While applying in defense, the AI will provide a security team with:

  • quantity of people

  • kind of their activities

  • their real time location and moving speed

  • animals quantity and type

  • transports type, approximate weight and quantity


A security team would be able to have a constantly updating status report about all of the activity on the perimeter and not to respond in full force to one person who really didn't want to cause any trouble

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Bear Grid


Portable system of sound, tone and noise classification with simple interface


Bear Grid


Adaptive and adjustable engineering solution for real-time seismological data acquiring.

Artificial Intelligence


Adjustable AI solution for any technological or security purposes 

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