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BG Smart Tower Security solution

The Bear Grid Smart Tower Security Solution is mobile and autonomous outpost platform that overbear all of the knowable vulnerabilities of the exisiting Security Tower Solutions such as a energy enniefficience, costly maintenance, deep human survaiilance involvement, false alerts etc.

The Bear Grid Smart Tower Security Solution (BG STS) is a reliable, cost-effective smart security solution designed specifically for high-tech security companies keeping an eye on construction projects, property, and perimeter security.

Mobile BG STS is suited for any possible scenario and provides the most reliable data with no false alerts. All of the top-edge technologies such as high-definition images and thermal scanning functionality comes to end when there is a cat or power outage. We equipped our BG STS with not just all top-edge 360° cameras, but also a grid of autonomous smart seismical sensors around. Now all the cameras know the time and the exact point to watch the event, making the solution 70% more energy-effective and service low-costly.

AI seismic solution determining the object helps to prioritize the alert. Seismic sensors paired with cameras provide a full real-time picture of the area leaving no space to mistake or false alerts.

Unlike other security watch and surveillance tower solutiuons whose vulnerabilities make service costly and energy-consumptive BG STS provides the following features:

Quick installation

BG STS provides as a DIY kit and can be assembled at the site. The solution is easy appliable

Low power consumption

Using autonomous smart seismic sensors with no wires allows to save 70% energy compared for traditional security solutions

✓ Cheap upkeep and maintanance

BG STS is reliable and require a maintenance human check-up not often then a 6 months

✓ Fully GDPR compliant

BG STS could be equipped with GDPR complaint cameras paired with autonomous smart seismic sensors

✓ Lowest false alerts

No operator attention needed until there a real alert


  • 1 thermal/optical turret analytics cameras detecting all types of intrusions in all weather conditions

  • From to 6 up to 36 smart seismical sensors connected to the tower enabling provide a clear picture

  • Scenario’s prediction systems

  • Intrusion and crime detection

  • Power options: Green (Solar/Wind/Battery), Yellow (Solar/Wind/Hydrogen), Red - Mains Power (110v or 240v)

  • Low consumption - 0.2 kWh

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