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Adaptive Security Platform Bear Grid

The Adaptive Security Platform Bear Grid is universal IoT security platform that works with any root-of-trust (RoT) for easy-to-use for scalable end-to-end security.

The Adaptive Security Platform Bear Grid is shareware software-based IoT home security integration platform that securely connects cameras, seismic sensors and any other possible IoT devices to server-hosted apps on-premises or in the cloud.

ASP Bear Grid uses advanced techniques to integrate with any root-of-trust for end-to-end security across every IoT device turning it into one easy to use and interpret interface.

Unlike other IoT security platforms whose vulnerabilities make scaling a risk ASP Bear Grid provides the following features:

Short deployment stages for all devices
Users can simply onboard and monitor devices using a single Interface. The solution is unique and easy appliable.

Simple root-of-trust integration

It is usually takes other IoT software platforms a lot of efforts to integrate with a given root-of-trust. ASP Bear Grid combine secured integration and simple RoT connections to thousands of devices to servers in minutes.

No complexity

Everybody can easily manage their IoT environment: OEMs, system integrators and even end-users with zero experience.

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