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Artificial Intelligence solutions can succeed where others have failed. 

Our company provides AI solutions and engineered systems with seismological sensors tailored for on-ground activity monitoring cutting off the risks of intrusions and harmful intentions.

The system is completely concealed and hidden unlike traditional security solutions. It could be integrated to variety of smart solutions, including smart homes, smart cities and other systems as well as complex manufacturing solutions for space, environmental and energy applications.

Our technologies helps to cover vulnerabilities and significantly cut the costs for area monitoring and safety systems. We open a new opportunities for smart and complex systems to apply for the various fields.

Home Security

Ultimate protection guaranteed

Environmental Monitoring

Research tools to monitor

animals activity

Geological Exploration

Special sensors for detailed Data gathering

Private Estates

Private areas and estates solutions

Transport and Smart Mobility

Traffic monitoring and cargo protection

Law Enforcement

Border Security

Intrusions protections and border monitoring equipment


Access, perimeter and motion control


Measurement systems and

 R&D for optimal AI solutions

Strategic Objects

Integrated systems of perimeter monitoring and detection 

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